Our goal of enhancing guests experience and transforming hotels

The idea that there are many varieties of self service kiosks ranging from parking tickets payment and popular fast chains food ordering to airlines and hotels check-in and check-out but none that are visually appealing or look remotely pleasing and attractive, let alone user-friendly and reliable. Therefore the quest was to create something that could change the hospitality landscape and make a difference with positive impact.

We, at MYRA, created self service kiosk designs for hotels that are not only visually and geometrically attractive and technologically advanced but also contributes to the enhancement of the hotel lobby that lends to favorable impressions and positive guests experience. We continually strive to improve our product offerings with new features that enable hotels to generate incremental revenue via upselling, cross selling plus relevant promotional offers.

our vision

For MYRA to be the gold standard for hotel check-in and check-out process for guests and synonymous to leading edge technology, quality and confidence.

our team

Highly qualified, experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals that are passionate and dedicated to our Clients.

Javier is an enthusiastic, positive, innovative thinker, passionate about Hotels and Technology.With many years dedicated to the hospitality industry, Javier´s goal is to bring technology closer to hotels, to accelerate the future, focusing on the benefits this technology implementation will drive on guest experience, while at the same time will enhance hotel operations and will contribute to the hotel digital transformation.

Chief Executive Officer

Javier Blanco

Prior to this appointment, Juanjo has extensive experience in travel and tourism, airlines and technology companies in roles ranging from product director to General Manager and CEO. Juanjo’s goal is to take Myra Self Check-In to a higher level of excellence, focusing on customer satisfaction and market orientation and continuous improvement to increasing performance and the value proposition of MYRA in the marketplace.

Managing Director

Juan Jose Blasco

Founder and CEO of Wattsec and education on Telecommunications engineer, after passing through some top tech companies, for the last 20 years Julio has played the role of R&D Director and CTO of several companies, managing successfully large development teams to achieve all challenges present in the different projects. Julio is a perfectionist that never leaves any stone unturned.

Chief Technology Officer

Julio Arrebola

A graduate of Middlesex University Business School London with over 30 years of global experience in the hospitality industry with international hotel chains, previous positions include global brands such as Hilton International, InterContinental Hotels Group and as Chief Marketing and Technology Officer at Solare Hotels and Resorts, based in Tokyo. An international career in hospitality management built forward thinking approach of the integration of information technology and marketing while seamlessly combining revenue growth and business intelligence strategies.

Chief Marketing Officer

Jack Tan

Founder and President of Viapass, Jean Pierre launched his first ISP company in 1995. Since then, as Télécom Operator he has been serving large companies Worldwide mostly in the Hospitality, Congress/Exhibitions and sport events areas, always exceeding the highest standards in data transmission, processing and security.

Chief Strategy Officer

Jean Pierre Kaisserlian

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