State of the Art solution

High quality, innovative self service kiosks to transform your hotel.

Myra serves worldwide and meets all local legislative requirements, including facial recognition

Secure, Reliable & Scalable

Best Practices for Designing, Implementing, and Maintaining Systems



All communications and stored information are encrypted

Integrated Firewall

Protection from intrusions


Always updated

Operating system automatically updated with latest security patch

Ergonomic and accessible

Applying human principles and factors to the design.


Paperless process

Environmental considerations & sustainability


The check-in or check-out process is performed with Myra


The required information is sent to the PMS, or to a hotel email to be digitally managed and stored.


Guests receive notification via email with all the information


Bringing together multiple systems for a seamless experience.

Property Management System

MYRA is always open to integrate with all PMS to add to our scalability and provide data enrichment that enables business innovation, allowing the possibility for increased revenue through upselling, cross-selling and promotional offers to guests at the point of check-in.

Door Lock Systems

Myra continually partners with global and regional door lock providers to provide a robust solution regardless of types of door locks at the hotel, including mobile key.

Payment Solutions

Working with leading payment gateway providers, payment aggregators and local banks using Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) to ensure safe and flexible payment options including e-wallet.

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