December 1, 2021
March 11, 2021

Current Hotel Technology Trends That Are Perfect for This Contactless Era

Self check-in kiosks at hotel lobby can help speed up the guest arrival process. They are the ultimate choice for getting your room key faster than waiting in line.

The hotel sector has evolved dramatically in recent years as a result of the necessary use of advance technologies. Intended to maintain guests’ satisfaction while increase hotel’s operational efficiency, technologies can help save hotel personnel a significant amount of time that can be used to explore other opportunities. In this age of contactless technologies, you can't afford to ignore these latest trends of hotel technology:

Self check-in kiosk

Self check-in kiosks at hotel lobby can help speed up the guest arrival process. They are the ultimate choice for getting your room key faster than waiting in line. Guests may check in at any time of day or night, scan their ID or passport, pay with card, and fill out their own personal information using easy-to-operate software.

The self check-in kiosk is also paired with an online mobile web-app to assist fast check-in and check-out without requiring interaction with front desk staff by simply scanning the barcode at the kiosk to obtain the room key card.

Contactless Payment

Contactless payments are a critical not only because of the physical distance required in this era, but it allows transactions go more swiftly which in the end provides more time customers to unwind after a long travel. Whether it's a mobile wallet or mobile banking, this new technology gives customers choices even if their cards are lost, stolen, or swallowed by an ATM machine.

Service Robots

Deploying service robots, reflects the new service trend designed to put visitors at ease. Robot scan do a wide range of jobs, from welcoming guests, delivering information, providing room service, serving at the restaurant, and performing housekeeping services.

As an illustration, consider a conversation bot or chat bot. It will be able help visitors and deal with the most common requests, as well as answer frequently asked questions 24 hours a day. They can also drive guests to direct booking and transfer them to the relevant department, which will undoubtedly improve the guest experience.

Smart Rooms

The Internet of Things (IoT) is commonly used in smart hotel rooms to link various devices and software and operate them from a single source, such as a phone or tablet, through the internet. Guests may now alter and manage nearly everything from a single device thanks to this new technology. This also allows the room to save energy by shutting off the lights, the electricity, and the temperature control when no one is in the room, for example.

This also helps the hotel to raise awareness of the environment and offer greater support to sustainability.

Hotel Virtual Tour

Hotel virtual tours are a real trend nowadays. It is a great marketing tool that helps guests visualize the hotel and what it is like to stay at a certain hotel. In addition to letting the guest see the hotel's layout, learn its amenities, room type, hotel view, and surrounding attractions, these aspects will also appeal to the guest and encourage them to book.

With so many hotels adopting contactless technologies, we encourage you to check out our MyraOnline and Self check-in kiosk solutions and learn more about what MYRA can do for your hotel's guest check-in experiences and latest hotel's technology.

‍Jack Tan