August 4, 2023
March 11, 2021

MyraConsole, the definitive cloud-based platform to follow up with your self check-in and out operations

MyraConsole - a view to all your guests self check-in and check-out activities (read more....)

It is time to mention all the features and benefits provided by our bespoke MyraConsole platform.

MyraConsole provides visibility into details on how each Myra kiosk is performing. It provides useful consoles and dashboards with insights on key metrics. You can analyze operational data with richer data visualizations, and drill-down capabilities. MyraConsole may be accessed from multiple browsers such as Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. Ability to setup alerts for real-time notification plus it also gives you optional add-on access to email marketing templates and the options to customize the email layouts.

‍Jack Tan