September 30, 2023
March 11, 2021

MYRA released MyraOnline - the most comprehensive Online Check-in solution for hotels

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MyraOnline is an advanced contactless, online self check-in webapp solution specifically designed for hotels. This cloud-based solution works seamlessly with any MYRA kiosks, to offer an unparalleled guests experience allowing your guests to perform online check-in using the guests’ own trusted mobile devices. Online check-in is an added convenience and time-saving feature that allows guests to Pre-checkin before arrival.

By using MyraOnline check-in solution, guests can avoid the hassle of waiting in longlines at the front desk, and quickly pick up their room keycard when they arrive the hotel. It also improves customer relationships by freeing up staff time to focus on higher-level interactions and understanding guests’ needs.

Key Features of the MyraOnline Check-In solution:

Cloud-based Platform: MyraOnline operates on a cloud-based platform, providing secure and reliable access to guest data, allowing for efficient management and real-time updates.
Streamlined Operations: By digitally collecting all required guest data prior to actual arrival. With guest information readily available, rooms can be prepared accordingly, expediting the check-in process and eliminating unnecessary delays.
Time-saving Convenience: With online pre-check-in, guests can avoid long queues at the front desk, quickly accessing their rooms upon arrival and maximizing their valuable time.
Seamless Integration: MyraOnline fully integrates with leading PMS vendors such as Oracle OPERA, Infor HMS, Protel, and Silverbyte, ensuring a smooth and seamless connection between the web app and hotel systems.
Easy to Use: With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, MyraOnline simplifies the pre- check-in process. In just a few easy steps, guests can complete their pre-check-in, making it a hassle-free experience for both guests and hotel staff.
Data Security: MyraOnline prioritizes data protection and security. It complies with GDPR regulations and follows best practices to safeguard guest information, ensuring the highest level of data security and privacy.
Contactless Experience: MyraOnline's contactless nature aligns with modern guest preferences, ensuring a safe and comfortable check-in process.

‍Jack Tan