January 5, 2021
March 11, 2021

Why do you need hotel self-check-in solutions?

For many hoteliers, change can be frightening. They may get used to running their businesses in a certain way and can be quite reluctant when it comes to new ways of working. However, change can be beneficial in many ways and may help improve your service and increase hotel revenue. Discover how hotel self-check-in can be useful.

Check-in 24 hours a day

Regardless of the time of day or night your guests arrive at your hotel, they are always able to check-in by themselves thanks to self-check-in solutions. This will not only be beneficial to your guests, but also your peace of mind.

The self check-in option is also very convenient in case a member of your reception staff falls ill, or is unable to come in to work, whatever the reason. This will save you time as you will not have to reallocate staff and responsibilities. In this kind of situation, you know that your guests will be able to check-in alone, so your employees can focus on other important tasks.

Free up your staff’s schedule

Even if no one is missing work, self-check-in solutions allow you to free up your staff’s time. In this way, you can redirect your employees’ focus on more revenue-generating tasks with a greater impact on guest experience and profitability.

You know that guest experience is key in the hospitality industry. The more time your staff has available for tending to your guests’ needs and improving their stay, the happier your customers will be. For instance, you can provide a better concierge service.

More upselling and cross-selling

Contrary to check-in at a desk reception, guests have time when they use self-check-in solutions. This is of great advantage to hoteliers. Indeed, the clients can take a moment to check all the upsells and cross-sells options that you offer them.

This increases the probabilities of your guests buying more services and you seeing your hotel revenue increase. It is worth a try, right?

Modernize your image

Guests pay attention to the appearance of your hotel. They want it clean, welcoming and also modern. Obviously, modernity can be perceived by the way your employees are dressed, or the decoration and furniture you have chosen but also, by technology.

Self-check-in solutions give your guests the impression they have entered a tech-savvy hotel, keeping up with all the latest trends. There is no better way of causing a good first impression.

If you start considering self-check-in solutions as options to improve your check-in process, we invite you to discover our kiosk and learn more about the benefits MYRA can offer.

‍Jack Tan