Yello Hotel Paskal and MYRA Self Check-in kiosk Solution

Yello Hotel Paskal in Bandung, Indonesia partners with Myra Self Check-In to be part of a pilot program for a self service contactless hotel check-in kiosk.

Yello Hotel Paskal, managed by Tauzia Hotels, decided to partner with Myra Self Check-In to be part of a pilot program for a self service contactless hotel check-in kiosk. This pilot program will help boost travelers’ confidence while reinforcing the hotel’s commitment to heightened hygiene and safety standards. The hotel is located in Bandung, Indonesia. Bandung is the 4th largest city in Indonesia and it is famous for its cuisines, fashion and many natural tourists attractions.

Yello Hotel Paskal

This modern and elegant hotel is the perfect place for millennials who want to explore Bandung. It is conveniently located in the city center and it’s also attached to the hip and trendy Paskal Mall.

The hotel offers very cosy, yet modern rooms with all the facilities you need. Urban art and technology would be the best two words to describe the experience at this hotel. Yello Hotel Paskal's goal is to create an environment where guests can interact and find a space to explore their creativity. MYRA was an obvious choice to be chosen for the pilot of the advanced technology in self service check-in process.

MYRA Self Check-in kiosk

The aim of our kiosk is to fit in any set-up. We achieve this on two different levels: the appearance of the kiosk and the software. Our goal is always to offer a product that is customized and personalized.

Firstly, the colors of the Myra kiosk have been customized to meet with the Yello hotel’s brand colors. The combination allows Myra to be part of the hotel branding and lend to its aesthetics of the lobby, giving a very modern look and compliments perfectly with the way the hotel is designed.

Secondly, MYRA kiosk is tightly integrated with the VHP PMS, and the door locking system with Onity, both used at Yello Hotel Paskal.

Myra check-in screens have also been customized for the hotel to ask theReason of the guests stays, and also be able to record the car license plate for those that parked at the hotel parking spaces. Additionally, Myra also able to generate e-registration cards signed by every single guest. All this can be done very quickly and easily at the MYRA self check-in kiosk.

Yello Hotel Paskal and MYRA are very proud to work together and provide an enhanced guest experience to all their guests.

 If you also want to make your check-in process smoother through a personalized system, do not hesitate to contact us.

‍Jack Tan